Population Increase in Single Motherhood in America

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The newest findings regarding the shocking increase in single, unmarried motherhood makes a number of Americans, myself included, asks the question: “Don’t these women know that sex results in babies?”

Apparently they did not. According to this article (1), a good forty percent of babies born to women between the ages of 15 and 30, with the highest percent in the twenties, are going to have single parents. This means that the mothers were not even married to begin with, so that automatically excludes divorced women who had a child with their husband. It is considered a big enough challenge for married couples to raise a child, so why do so many women wind up in the position of being a single parent?

It appears that many of these women are not being taught the facts about sex in school or college. The article states that in college, women only learn about the “pleasure” of sex. There is no detailed information about contraception on any level (I’d be very surprised if any of these degree-holding women even know what Mirena and Essure are, for example.) Maybe those college campuses have been indoctrinating students with the liberal “Make love” bit but apparently never mention the options available for these women. Few women like myself are willing to go that extra mile and do some real homework about contraception methods available to women that are affordable and range from temporary to permanent. Pleasure it is to the liberal minded folks from 1967, but the reality is that sex has a consequence: it’s called a baby.

Personally, I like the “No baby is unplanned; so long as you plan on having sex, plan on having a baby, unless you use contraception.” statement, which is very true. The article continues in saying that too many women go through life thinking “I can’t get pregnant if I have sex.” That is just a highly self delusional statement that shows the woman to be uneducated about the facts of life. Then there is the dangerous way of thinking that having a baby will “cement a relationship” which is of course a myth; most guys, once impregnating a woman, disappear overnight and skip town to establish a new idnetity in another state. Author Ellen Peck mentions the same thing in her book “The Baby Trap.” Women who are grounded in reality don’t buy into social myths about relationships or motherhood, for that matter. Sadly, at times the Ivory Tower (college) doesn’t equip women for dealing with the real world when it comes to sex or relationships. I should add that here, one does not even need to have a relationship in order to have sex; when treated as casually as possible, sex just leads to a baby. Not really a symbol of love, at that. But it does rake in the bucks for corporations that create and market baby items, from furnture to food and diapers. And most of these babies do wind up living in poverty along with their mothers.

Maybe it is time for the realities of sex to be taught in high schools and colleges. No, it’s not a harmless, non-consequential pasttime like tatting (some women might say tatting is pleasurable, too) even though sex is treated as such at many campuses today. The consequences don’t look good for these unfortunate women. The facts about sex, combined with the various methods of contraception (not just condoms, either, and forget the abstinence only education, as that has proven to be a complete failure in American society). As Clint Eastwood would say, “You can’t handle the truth” – some women won’t be able to handle the truth about sex. Other women will, and will have no problem in educating themselves about birth control in order to prevent babies if they want to have sex.


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