CCTV Survey: Find Out What Is Troubling Your Drains

Have clogged drains become a repetitive problem at your household? If yes, it indicates there is a more severe issue mushrooming in your drainage system than a small clog which could be easily cleared with some DIY drain cleaning ideas. And this is when CCTV drainage survey comes on the scene.

A CCTV drain survey is performed by drainage professionals to identify, locate and measure the problem or damage your drains may have. CCTV surveys are the most effective, affordable and fastest way to inspect the interior condition of drains and sewers.

CCTV Survey: Find Out What Is Troubling Your Drains


It can be a large build-up of debris, tree root intrusion, scaling, rust, joint misalignment or any other reason that isn’t allowing your drainage system to function normally. Once you are aware of the root cause of your household’s drainage problem, you can address it more effectively. And this is why top-notch drainage specialists recommend homeowners to perform CCTV survey to diagnosis drainage condition.

If the survey reveals general issues like scaling, deposits or build-ups that are usually a byproduct of poor maintenance or zero maintenance, they can be quickly fixed by deep drain cleaning. Drainage professionals use latest high pressure water jetting technology to clear the most stubborn blockage, debris, scale or slit in minimal time.

However if the CCTV survey reveals more severe issue taking place in your drainage pipes such as damaged pipe, large cracks or collapsed drain, serious repair work needs to be performed to get your drains running again. Once the survey is completed, the drainage specialist provides you with a comprehensive report and a DVD showing the schematic and problems in your drainage found and recorded live during the survey.

Thanks to the advancement in CCTV technology, the drainage companies are able to have more accurate, more comprehensive and clearer survey results. The camera can tilt their head any desired angle and can be sent as far as needed during the drain survey operation. Homeowners can watch photos and video analysis themselves and get an idea of the current condition of their drainage.

This quick and precise drain diagnosis demands minimal disruption as in most cases camera can be inserted into the drainage pipe through drain cover itself. Knowing the exact cause of the repetitive blockage, or any other drainage problem the household may have, helps drainage specialists choose best drain repair solution.

CCTV Surveys are recommended for Home Buyers

If you are considering buying a residential or commercial property, a pre-purchase CCTV drain survey is highly recommended. You check a plenty of things in the property before making up your mind for purchasing it. But drains are often overlooked in this decision making process. However, it isn’t a wise decision to overlook the importance of pre-purchase drain survey.

Performing a drain survey before completing the purchase can reassure you if the drainage at the property is in perfect working condition. If any issue is surfaced during the survey, it can help you negotiate right or help you make an informed decision.

There are a plenty of benefits and purposes of carrying CCTV drain surveys. Households should perform drain surveys 2-3 times a year as a part of preventive drain care. Good maintenance is the key to avoid drainage emergencies and huge drain repair bills.

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